Hold right click to move the camera around your sun.

Use the mouse wheel to do a zoom-in or zoom-out.

Use left click to touch things.

This is a tiny conceptual game with a powerfull meaning about dealing with people.

Done for the Blackthorprod GAME JAM #2 with the theme of "Mini Planets".

The little cute planets that have done this game:

Aarón Asensio

Silvia Osoro

Iker Díaz

If you like this game you can find more like this in my profile of itch io.

Game done in 1 day.


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Simple and Beautiful. Nice Jog!

Thank you dude! :3

This game is simple but  amazing. Good job :).

Uooh! I love that you liked it  thanks!! :)

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I liked it! my mouse cursor disappeared though, not sure if its my browsers fault :) Well done! More planets that add to the symphony would be awesome!

Wow thanks dude! With more time we could have done more planets :) The bug with the cursor is a fault of the browser I think. Depending on the browser it appears or not :/ 

Thanks for the feedback!

This looks super good! Nice job dude :D

Ouuh! Thank you so much!!