Start your journey pressing D and Rigth Arrow

Use WASD to move one player and Arrow Keys to move the other one.

You can also play with Xbox One Controller where you use Rigth Joystick to move one player and Left Joystick to move the other.

Turn on the audio you can't understand the game without it!

Think of a person you love, with whom you have lived many experiences, from whom you have moved away, or from whom you have not separated.
That person you're thinking about is one of those points, the other one is you.

This game is your life together.

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Very nice emotional game. Is the audioclip from a movie?

Yeah it's from here!

Powerful stuff

Thank you dude!

I love your games do u have discord i wanna contact you :) QuackedDuk#2761 is my name and tag, please contact me. GG

Wow thank you so much! I will add u to discord soon, I really appreciate your feedback :)