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I liked the art for this game, it is scary.

scary O.o 


Great job guys, this game looks nuts! Although it's visually stunning, I think it has some flaws.

First, I agree with @Sharingsodelightt, it makes you feel like if there is no other escape than death to an abusive relationship (maybe that's what you want to transmit?). 

As I see it, a second mechanic is necessary here (or a more advanced point-and-click at least), that should have helped you convey your idea much more effectively.

I think the game would look much more finished if you had taken a bit of time from making the characters and background into making the UI (I can make out those default Unity buttons xD).

And last, go change the description of the game and fix that grammar! I'm burning my eyes!!!

Anyway, you should be proud of yourselves for making such an unsettling game. 

[BTW, I made a game about abusive relations as well (or something like that), go check it out!]

Oh, forgot to mention that you should explain why does it follow the theme of the jam. Idk if I'm missing something, but I don't get which two genres does this combines.


@daniFM @Sharingsodelightt

Thanks for the feedback, we know that, but we thougth that the best way to transmit the idea in the short duration of the game, and the short time we had to do it, was make it black or white. I mean we know that the only two exits of a relationship like that are not kill yourself or kill your husband. But those options are the most impressive and those that will most mark you in the short duration of the game.

Responding to making the game more complete, we wanted to do it but for the GameJam we couldn't do it because fault of time...

But maybe if we do a complete version of "Him & I" we will add all the things that you said!

Thank you for give your opinion! We really appreciate that you love our game :3


So... Basically if you are abused you either kill yourself or kill your partner? There's so much more than that in domestic abuse. I'm so sorry, the art is amazing, really stunning. You are saying that there's no real way of getting out of the relationship or solution to this kind of relationships.

I think you should have rethinked the endings. Nice spoiler too.


lol that's some great shit I love it!

Thanks dude! Love that you like it!